Tim Duncan

Topics: Education, Question, Teacher Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Teachers, principles, administrators, superintendents, and any other school dignitary’s goal are for the students to do their best at everything that they can do. How can they do that when they are denied access to a learning technique that is not cheating, not wrong or inappropriate? Listening to music while they work. “Music makes doing task easier for some people.” - Leonard Daoussis and Stuart J. Mckelvie. I am a junior at Creekview High School and I have been here for 2 years.(Ethos) I have had some teachers that let students listen to music while they work and some that have not. I have always in my opinion found that the teachers that do relate to the students more, which in turn captures the students focus, attention, and effort. All of these lead students to learn more efficiently. Learning more efficiently is one huge goal that an every educator has.(Logos) Generically students also like to think that they are independent, most of the time, if they really want to listen to music, then they are most likely going to anyway. This causes kids that are trying to work harder and learn more to get into trouble, because of a silly and stupid rule. Ask yourself, how do you feel when you listen to your favorite song? (Rhetorical Question) Now imagine if you combined that feeling with schoolwork. A lot more students would actually want to be at school, and if they want to be there, then they are going to want to give everything they have into working.(Repetition) I’m not saying that everyone will do that but because one person doesn’t focus, should that effect the futures of other students. It would be surprising to find out that under a rude, slacking, and disrespectful student could be a Straight A student if you left them alone with their work and their headphones. Kids should be allowed to do their work anyway that’s best for them to learn, which includes allowing kids to listen to music.
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