Tim Burton Techniques

Topics: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Tim Burton Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: November 1, 2012
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Alice in wonderland is the history of a girl, and the day when a boy will said she to marry him, she start to see some kind of not common things, like for example a rabit with a clock, that always said ¨i’, gonna get late¨, at the start she didn’t know wath was happen and for she those things where something like kind of imposible, in once she continue the rabit, and she came to a magic world full of many rare things, like for example 2 twins that we so fun, animals that speak, and all of they where like, she isn’t the real alice, is imposible; and things like that. Then she meet with the hatmaker who explan all what was happening and the situatin with the queen of hearts, that she was supoused to fight with she, and that the withe queen will help she, they where like the ¨good team¨, and the queen of hearts with their soldiers that were poker cards where like the ¨bad team¨. Then the queen of hearts get informed that Alice was in wonderland, so she give the order to search Alice, in one of those times the hat maker was arrested by the bad queen, so alice went to the castle of hearts that was the house of the queen of hearts to save the hatmake, there she said that she was not alice but a diferent girl, a gigant girl, with an enormous head, so for that reason the queen of hearts and alice turned into ¨friends¨. The days that alice was in the castle she realized that there the queen like a magic, and so powerfull sword with wich she will win in the fight, so she stoled it, and she scape with the hadmaker from the castle, they went to the castle of withe queen to prepare the war, few days after the 2 teams meet for the fight, where Alice, fight with a big dragoon,but finally alice won.

Charlie in the chocolate factor is the story of a chocolate...
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