Tim Burton Cinematic Techniques Essay

Topics: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Film, Film editing Pages: 5 (1110 words) Published: December 22, 2016

Tim Burton is known for his movies that are appealed by children, yet have a dark and eerie twist. His films all have certain cinematic techniques that create a spooky and creepy feeling. In these films, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Corpse Bride all use lighting, music/sound, and editing as these techniques. In Burton’s films he uses many cinematic techniques to create the dark and eerie feeling.
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, low-key lighting is shown when people are on the motorcycles in the street at night. Burton uses these to create a suspenseful, creepy, and even exciting feeling. For example, no cars expect the motorcycles were on the street at that time of night which makes the reader wonder on what is on, creating an exciting yet creepy feeling. Burton used low-key lighting to make the scene more thrilling on why there were no other cars on the street expect the motorcycles. Without low-key lighting in this scene, you wouldn’t get the same effect or reaction from the audience, the reaction or effect would most likely be curiosity.
For Edward Scissorhands, High-key lighting is used to show a “picture perfect neighborhood.” In one of the scenes the neighborhood is overlooked to show the vibrant colors of each of the houses. In reality there is no...

An example would be the cuts of the creepy looking mansion, the mansion is not colorful which givens that off an unwelcoming feeling. The purpose of this technique for this specific scene is to make the viewer’s get uneasy feeling, the whole town is colorful and vibrant, but here is a dark mansion that looks just unwelcoming. Burton uses editing in this scene to give off an unwelcoming and uneasy feeling, and most likely to many that effect is achieved. Without editing in this scene, the viewer’s would not know that the dark looking mansion has a key role in the...
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