Tim burton cinematic techniques

Topics: Tim Burton, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Johnny Depp Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Katie Clutter
English 1; Hieser p.5
January 8, 2014
Lights, Camera, Action!

The greatest directors of our time often have a "trademark" style that audience members come to recognize and connect with them. Tim Burton is among such directors along with JJ Abrams and Oliver Stone; both of which have a brilliantly unique style. The protagonist in Burton's films frequently reveal his emotions and the way he sees the world. In his films he creates a recurring theme about outsiders and how they fit in this crazy, mixed up place. It is clear in Edward Scissor Hands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride, that people fear change and the great unknown. Burton gives light to vastly suppressed outsider perspectives and teaches an important lesson about difference and all that it brings. He uses cinematic techniques such as emotional close-ups, contrasted lighting, and non-diegetic music in order to create gothic fairy tales revealing the cliché that not everything is the way it seems. ​In many of Tim Burton’s films, he uses close-up shots to resonate with his audience that a deep emotion or personal connection with the character is being made. This is shown numerous times in Edward Scissor Hands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride. This technique is most often used in what’s believed to be Burton's most personal film, Edward Scissor Hands. More specifically with the young Edward and Kim. The close-ups allow the audience to not only see, but to feel the forbidden love the two characters share. For example, when Edward first see’s her photos, it’s as if time stops. Burton uses a close up in order for the audience to see emotion deeper past Edwards frightening exterior. Burton uses a similar concept in The Corpse Bride, when Victor and Victoria meet for the first time. The close-up on both individuals who are forcefully to be wed show the audience the true connection they share despite the circumstance. This foreshadows a genuine...
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