Tilt-Up Construction Report

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Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Research of tilt-up construction
2.1 Definition
2.2 Construction Process
2.3 Design Considerations
3.0 Investigation of the topic
3.1 Advantages
3.2 Disadvantages and problems associated with tilt-up
3.3 State of the industry
4.0 Future direction
4.1 Innovations in the industry
4.2 Directions being taken
5.0 Conclusion
1.0 Introduction
The tilt-up construction technique has only recently become more popular it contemporary building developments, it is a form of precast construction consisting of an in-site concrete material. The practice of tilt-up construction is widely used for buildings that require a quick and economical building process like office buildings or residential complexes, the process consists of piecing together the different slabs to create an entire body that works together to be an extremely simple yet stable construction. In the past, tilt-up was only used on smaller buildings due to the lack of lifting technology able to piece the higher levels together, however, in modern construction it has become highly popular to build using this tilt-up technique in bigger and grander buildings. With these evident advantages of using tilt-up there also come a variety of disadvantages and problems that are associated with using this as a sole technique of construction, these problems however, are often confronted during the process and solved and this will be outlined in the following report. To further develop the ideology of tilt-up construction a case study will be presented on a current development that utilizes or has utilized tilt-up as their construction method and the advantages and disadvantages will be studied in detail, this will further develop the understanding of tilt-up construction through the analysis of the aspects of the current building that contribute to a better construction.

2.0 Description
2.1 Definition
“Tilt-up construction involves site-casting the concrete walls of a building on its floor slab or on a separate casting bed and then tilting and lifting them into position by crane. The result is rapid construction arising from a well-planned process more akin to a factory production line, but retaining the flexibility of in-situ concrete work.” (Concretecentre.com 2014.) It is clearly evident that tilt-up is a quick, easy and simple construction method that is used much more commonly around the world in buildings up to six stories. The fact that the tilt-up method is basic it reinforces the economical side of the process, utilizing only an in-situ concrete material it allows for the building to be constructed without much work, only the pre-fabrication of the wall and floor slabs and then pieced together to create a full body construction with almost no flaws.

2.2 Construction Process
The process begins with a preplanning stage; this is vital, as the whole project has to be extremely particular in its measurements and weights. If even one aspect of the process is only a margin out it can result in inaccurate fitting of the walls to the ceiling and floor slabs, a schedule of operations needs to be written up to maintain the proper organization and fluidity of the project. Following this it’s a matter of constructing a floor...

References: Concretecentre.com. "Tilt-up Construction." 2014. http://www.concretecentre.com/technical_information/building_solutions/frame_elements/tilt-up_construction.aspx
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