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Georgia Linden
Mr. Ordini
February 13, 2013
English 8
At times life may seem like its falling apart, but can a mistake fix things? In the novel Tilt by Ellen Hopkins, 3 young teens experience extreme events that cause them to view life differently and to change their lives. Each teen has their own story that makes them who they are, but when they make a bad decision, everything comes down with them. Shane, Harley, and Mikayla change significantly from the start to the end of the book because they learnt from their problems. Throughout the book it becomes clear that when Mikayla, Harley and Shane experience a wrong turn, their mistakes lead them back onto the right path.

In the beginning of the book, Mikayla believes she has everything she needs and when she turns 18 her life will be complete. Mikayla is very rebellious against her parents and does not have a positive relationship with them. One night when Mikayla sneaks out to meet her boyfriend Dylan they end up having un-protected sex, this mistake lead to another, Mikayla soon finds out she is pregnant. When she decides to keep the baby, Dylan breaks up with her and starts dating his ex-girlfriend Kristy. When Mikayla starts to lose all hope and starts considering giving up her baby, Hopkins supplies evidence by stating “Today, I am a loser. Lost friends. Lost boyfriend. Declining grades. Declining home life, with parents who can’t get along. Most of it came from bad choices. Wrong friends. Wrong boyfriend. Wrong night, wrong time of the month not to insist on a condom. I can’t fix my parents, of course. But I can rethink becoming a parent myself” (514). Near the end of the story when Mikayla is at her worst, Shane’s mom considers adopting the baby but when Shane confesses to his mom that he is in a lot of pain and wants her attention, his mom decides not to adopt the baby. In the end of the story, Mikayla is a new girl and she decides to keep her baby and see where life takes her.

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