Tilly Reynolds

Topics: William the Conqueror, Sneak King, Viking Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Its the year 1069 and our king had struck again

He had just killed the rebellion of in Scotland and has signed a deal with the king t no support the rebels.Our king is sending more threats.He has i can regreatfally say burned more villages and we are devastatesd.We now no harvests have failed in three more villages.We have decided to set up more protests despite the kings klatest threats.A man who we do not want in power will not take away our huntying because thats what we survive on.Although his latest attack is bulidin castles we know we can defeat him.His latest news is he is revising the threats and punishments will be toughened.They have employed new people to mix woth the locals so the king will no your plans.We have to say the king has stopped changing children and womens lives so be warned.We can report some could hnews our plan to assacinate the earl of durham has been succesfu and we are still fighting for the local earl to take over.We have joined with the Viking king in York and he is helping uis fight the niormans.But dew to our recent success tyhe normand strated a fire to cause us trouble and sadly it got ut of control and burnt town the whole of the village.Although we killes the norman soliders hafter the event we have sdaly had to ,ove on because the city now unliveable and the land has perished

We sdid send a reporter to the parliament wherr rht eking was but we faikes to understand a word they were saying we are sujestibng a translater for ourn next report.Beacuse we couldn’t understand we have had to suggest we think they were talikg about the move fro mlocal people to run villages to Normans this is a big political report and i do fear this could cause a havvock.We now have to address theis problem with all seriousness.The kings army is ramapaging its way through our territory.We are facing war with the dfeadliest army in Europe we no what hee didi to iour king so we have to address this problem.If you...
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