Topics: American football, Association football, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: April 4, 2013
  "Class dismissed."

Finally, the end of the school day! Getting to my locker quickly, I gather my books and uniform and head against the traffic flowing out of the school, to the gym. Entering the locker room, I saw my teammates and got change for the big game. Red, long-sleeved jersey with BROCKTON printed across the front and 32 on the back, black shorts, hard plastic shin guards, red socks with white tops, and black leather footwear. As the team boards the bus, various comments are shouted about how we will beat our opponent team, New Bedford. The coach enters the bus and everyone falls silent, waiting for and obeying every word he barks, for he is the coach. During the forty-five minute ride to New Bedford, the bus is busy with whispers about the importance of this game. As the bus pulls up to New Bedford High, the excitement inside rises to a maximum, the team floods from the bus like water from a broken dam. Jogging to the playing field, we form a circle and begin stretching. The ground is dry and in need of a good rain, a requirement that may be fulfilled today judging from the weather, blue-grey rolling clouds forming overhead. After stretching, we start to pass the ball around and warm up. The referee calls the captains to the centre of the field. The coin is tossed and as it flips in the air and it was Heads, we take possession of the ball first. After a brief talk with the coach to discuss last-minute strategies, we retake our positions. As the defensive stopper, my responsibility was to ensure the opposing centre does not get the ball near our goal. The opening whistle is sounded. The first half is full of non-stop action, both teams trying their hardest, only to be rejected by the superb defence of both. Time after time the powerful force of both offenses attempts to enter the eighteen-yard box, but opposition is too great. Both Brockton and New Bedford are much-admired for their unstoppable defensive lines. Neither team scores during this...
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