Tiger Woods: Enough is Enough

Topics: Tiger Woods, Golf, WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: August 30, 2010
Tiger Woods: Enough is Enough
LaBarbara Mid'gett
TUI University

Tiger Woods is a high paying champion golfer who made some bad choices. From these choices, some of his endorsers have dropped him from their corporations. Should he be reinstated by these endorsers? We will take a look at the companies and what they stand for. We will note how other celebrities have made some other bad choices and still made it back to the top. We will talk about how companies tend to put celebrities on a pedestal thinking they are perfect and realizing that they weren't. Also how some of his sponsors are still endorsing him.

Tiger Woods is world champion golf player. He has won over 14 championships. (Wikipedia, 2010) Woods had over 5 major endorsers which netted over a total of $100 million dollars. In 2009 Tiger Woods martial-infidelity scandal became public. This caused his whole life to change. Several of his endorsers dropped their contracts while some others put Tiger Woods on the back burner because of this scandal. Now this scandal is being worked through by Tiger Woods and his wife. Tiger was not a government worker, doctor lawyer or public official. Woods was a professional who was good at what he do. He knew how to win, which sparked the eyes of companies like AT&T, Gatorade and Accenture who gave Tiger Woods great endorsements prior to the infidelity scandals. Accenture, PLC who felt that Tiger Woods represented the company as a symbol of its new High Performance Business strategy.( Business Wire 2003), and felt Tiger Wood strength, mastery discipline and relentless focus on winning are universally recognized qualities that mirror the characteristics of a high- performance business, making him the idea representative for their marketing position. Accenture global consulting firm used the golfer as the centerpiece of its marketing-and- advertising program, and he appeared in most of its ads. Yet, during this...

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