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Topics: Anger, Negotiation, Aggression Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: June 3, 2014
Conflict Resolution Essay

Conflicts occur in everyday life. Many conflicts help out or aid to solving or identifying a problem. In The Tiger Rising, Rob and Sistine have many conflicts that aren’t solved or solved properly. Three major conflicts are Rob verses himself, Sistine verses her mother, and Rob verses Sistine.

The first main conflict in The Tiger Rising is Rob verses himself. His mother’s death has had a great impact on his life by forming his “suitcase”. It all started when Rob couldn’t stop crying at his mother’s funeral. His father slapped him and from then on, Rob keeps all of his emotions, thoughts, and wishes locked up inside of him, in his “suitcase”. He soon forms a rash from his “suitcase”. Willie May, Rob’s adult friend, said to him “You are keeping all that sadness down low, in your legs. You not letting it get up to your heart, where it belongs. You got to let that sadness rise on up” (The Tiger Rising p.37). An effective strategy to solve Rob’s problem is to let someone know about his “suitcase”. He should go to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will be able to cope with Rob’s problems and be able to make it easier to let out his emotions and open his “suitcase”. This will help Rob to become less depressed, more social, and more open to telling others his feelings.

The second main conflict in The Tiger Rising is Sistine verses her mother. Sistine’s parents have had a divorce. This occurred because Sistine’s father cheats on her mother with his secretary. The divorce triggers Sistine to turn to violence in order to let her anger out. She believes that it is her mother’s fault because she, without a doubt, favors her father over her mother. She also needs someone to blame and the easiest person is her mother who takes her from her home in Philadelphia and brings her to Lister where she calls the people ignorant southerners. To solve the first half of this conflict, Sistine and her parents should go to a few family counseling meetings....
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