Tiger Mom Notes

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“One of my fathers bedrock principles was never complain or make excuses. If something seems unfair at school, just prove yourself by making twice as hard and being twice as good.”

I agree with this statement because it shows her dad just wanted her to feel better and stronger about herself. Even though everybody faces a problem, they automatically think they are the problem; they automatically think they’re covered with their excuses. When really it’s never an excuse. Excuses and complaining gets nobody in life anywhere. Complaining could have led to a lack of motivation or laziness, which obviously her father did not want. But when it comes to excuses I know they are never acceptable at very professional job, you might just end up losing your own job. So excuses should never be used in life because it just isn’t right, I know I used to complain and make excuses, yet I still do things that keep me in line. In the end I realized I could always do better. I choose to complain a lot, which is also known as procrastination. From what I have learned, giving excuses to others just feels wrong because I always think of the other person, and see someone give me excuses otherwise, I would be disappointed. Overall, I know I should be humble, since no one wants to be given lies or excuses when things are meant to be completed. In other words, we must learn from our mistakes.

“I supervised her practicing, 1: Oh my god, you’re just getting worse and worse. 2: I’m going to count to 3 then I want music. 3: If the next times not perfect, I’m going to take all your stuff animals and burn them.”

This reveals the mom’s coaching is very harsh and demanding. But she puts pressure on her daughter just so she can do better. Her mother just wants everything perfect, which really nobody or nothing is perfect. Therefore, everyone makes mistakes, but everyone can learn from their mistakes and take that to improve them or review him or herself. Nobody has the titled name perfection. When the mom was coaching her daughter or making a critic she was being unfair. If I were Sophia I would tell her I’m doing my best, can you just appreciate for what I’ve known or learned how to do. The mother pushes Sophia to be better at playing the piano. It was a bad idea to have her watching Sophia as she was at piano lessons. In my mind, if I were Sophia I know I would internally feel like I’m not good enough because of the way the mother puts it in away or suggest. I would feel unappreciative of what I can do, but the other side of says it’s good she’s coaching her so its like advice, in which she can learn from so everyone can learn from something or get something out of it. So then you’re progressing to where you want to be.

“Here are some things my daughters, Sophia and Lusia, were never allowed to do: attend a sleepover, have a play date, be in a school play, complain about not being a school play, watch TV, or play computer games, choose their extra curricular activities, get any grade less than A or not be the number one stupid in every subject, but Physical Education and drama. They are not allowed to play and instrument other than the piano or violin, and not play the piano or violin.”

I believe this quote illustrates Amy Chua’s high expectations for her children. Personally, I think it’s crucial to set expectations for oneself or another because it’s helpful if you wish to reach a certain goal. You need to set standards if you wish to be successful. I think setting high expectations prepares an individual for what work they will need to put in, in order to maintain those standards. If one wishes to run a marathon, they must have high standards if they want to push themselves to run at a certain time one day. When I myself become a parent, I’ll have high expectations/standards for my children because I believe it strengthens, while also teaching them discipline and paves a road to success. Not having expectations will weaken...
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