Tigana Chapter Notes

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Chapter 1

·A man is talking to some people at a bar proclaiming what will soon happen in the future and making bets on what is to happen ·The death of the exiled Duke of Astibar becomes known and a heated conversation about an invader who has taken control of their province, Alberico of Barbadior, breaks out. ·Brandin of Ygrath is also introduced as the other invader of the Palm, the country where the story takes place. ·"Men began shouting fiercely to be heard over the din they themselves were causing." (11) ·"Alberico is too cautious to ruffle the mood of the Festival over this." (12) ·"However subtle Alberico may be, the fact is that he won this province and Tregea and Ferraut and Certando because of his army and his sorcery, and he holds the Eastern Palm only through these things." (15-6) ·"Brandin took Chiara and the western provinces" (15)

·Power is shown through the two invaders because each of them have taken four of the nine provinces and are warring over the ninth. ·The strange newcomer shows power through taking control of the room and persuading people to accept his beliefs and opinions. ·There is no real character development here because no characters are really introduced here. ·Foreshadowing may be used here with the strange newcomer's bet and his explanation of what he thinks is happening and what is going to happen ·Imagery is used here to show the settings of the first chapter and the place where it takes place

Chapter 2

·The main character, Devin, is introduced as a singer from Asoli on the road traveling with Menico di Ferraut to make his career. His history when he was a boy and how he became a singer is described. Key points about him are introduced like him having a good memory. ·Other members of the group are introduced such as Catriana and Alessan. Devin came to Astibar to perform for a noble but as the chapter progresses he discovers he is going to sing the morning rites for the dead Duke of Astibar. He meets a fellow names Rovigo at a bar and discovers he likes the man and is invited to his house. ·Devin sings beautifully at the Duke's mourning rites and won the hearts of many including the Duke's son Tomasso. After which he has a strange dream about the gods involving a man running up a mountain side and getting clawed apart by women. ·"The keenness of his memory had always been a source of pride and pleasure to him, but a number of memories that came with it were not" (17) ·"that had been the last time he actually tried to make himself taller." (17) ·"The principle auditor was a delicately scented, extravagantly dressed scion of the Sandreni." (36) ·"He was introduced to the clergy next, and promptly knelt before Adaon's priestess dressed in red." (37) ·Power is shown here from the Priestess and Priest showing the temple having a lot of power in the Palm because Devin has to knell before them to show respect and ask for a blessing. ·Devin is shown to have a bit of power over the group because he has been there a long time. He is given little respect from Catriana though. ·Devin is also young and young looking therefore he receives little respect from the people around him other than his group members. ·Devin has changed a lot from his youth and has gotten a little experience from the road because of travelling with the group. He also gains a little to much pride when his group is chosen to perform at the mourning rites. He also gains a reputation when he sings at the mourning rites. ·Imagery is used to describe Devin's life when he was a child and his life on the road as a musician. ·"the blue eyes bright" (31) is an example of a hyperbole because her eyes aren't really bright, she is just excited.

Chapter 3

·Devin's musician group sing the first half of the rites. There is a short intermission between the two halves where Devin learns that the song his father mother taught him is one known by Alessan, the tregean pipe player. He promises to...
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