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Professor Sara Williamson
Bus 1000
22 September 2013
Tiffany & Company
Tiffany & Co. is one of the popular and luxury jewelry companies which created in 1837 in United States. Tiffany establishes many branches in major cities in worldwide and has its own styles. Today, it blue gift box become the sign of unique fashion in United States. According to the resources in International Directory of Company HistoriesIn 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John F. Young used $1,000 to open Tiffany & Young on Broadway. They became Tiffany’s fathers. Unlike other stores of the time, Tiffany and Young sold “fancy goods.” As the time went by, they took another partner called J. L. Ellis to their term in 1841 and the store became Tiffany, Young & Ellis. The name was changed to Tiffany & Company in 1853 when Charles Lewis Tiffany took control over the company. In 1878, Tiffany reached a new level when the company won the gold for jewelry and grand prize for silverware at the Paris Exposition. In 1902, after the death of Charles Lewis Tiffany, Louis Comfort Tiffany who was one of his sons became the designer in company. Since its inception, Tiffany has been designed so many beautiful products. Tiffany & Co. is the jewelry companies and focuses on wide customer sources. The major focusing is for young people. Tiffany has silver, gold and pearl products in many designers. They have products for men and women. It includes bracelets, brooches, charms, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, sunglasses, leather goods, key rings,desk accessories and fragrance. Tiffany and Co. serves its customers though retail sales, internet sales, business to business sales and wholesales. Tiffany has its own designs on jewelries. According to the annual report for 2012, Tiffany& Co. had a revenue $3,794,249,000 and it rose 4%. It has a total of approximately 9,900 full-time and part-time employees. There were approximately 5,100 are employed in the United States. It headquarter is in 727 Fifth...

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