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Tidy desk, successful advises from Bill Gates

Messy desk not only shows that you are lazy to clean up. According to National Health Research stated. behavior to let things disorderly on the desk, also reduce your possibility to rich your success at work.

Jayne Morris, life Coach from NHS, said that messy desk shows the owner's mind. People who work around mess less likely to finish their work, and to be successful later. It can happen too if your house and office also messed up, and just put your house in warehouse.  

"Messy desk which many things on it, can obstruct you to rich success that you want" Morris said.  
There are many examples from Morris analysis. Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, also Richard Branson and Donald Trump are known as tidy person. Morris, who have worked with many famous person said "clean up the heap things from desk has power to change your business. Because a mess in your environment is a physic manifestation from all mess inside yourself.

More important thing, women are messier than men. Because women often put anything or “perintilan”, and need a bigger commitment to make their table tidy. Actually make tidy desk is not difficult. Anything that is not used again should not be put on drawer or on the desk, but threw away immediately. Keeping useless thing in warehouse, garage or part of your home, and it does not give advantages if you remember this entire thing. On other hand, clean the desk up and filing cabinet in your office everyday can give you positive effect. “The things that are useful and add value in your life, will give positive energy that enrich your life” Morris said. Contrast, the things that you don’t like, do not use and do not need anymore was the opposite effect to your energy. As simple word, the things that not fit for you will drain your energy.
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