Tide Rises Tide Falls

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Appreciation on The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls is one of the famous poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, an American poet of the 19th century. This poet is created in the author’s seventies. Thus, there is something of symbolism in the lines, but this essay would focus on the relation between the pattern and the idea of the poem. The whole poem has 3 stanzas. The first two stanzas follow the same end rhyme of aabba, while the third stanza is in a rhyme of aacca. Generally speaking, the sentences and words are simple. Then the imageries in the poem are somewhat grey, and the settings are close to the sea in twilight with travelers passing in a hurry. The tidy and simple rhymes plus the simple framework and dictions render the whole poem is readable all the more. Firstly, the repetition of rhymes,such as the two sounds of /-?:l / and /-aun /. Reading the stanzas carefully, readers could easily associate the sentences with a contrastive scene of hurry steps and laggard thoughts. The main idea of the whole poem is not in evidence. However, such disposal of rhyme is indeed in accordance with the content or images of the poem, i.e. the tide comes quickly and so it goes. However, viewing the sea tides and the passers-by traveling endlessly, the poet may think of the past time, which likes the tides that came and went. The tide repeated the law of life in the universe endlessly. However, people seldom think over the time when they are provided with a new life. They would begin to notice it once they are in their dotage. Humans are beef-witted or slow in thought. Thus, personally speaking, there is some kind of regret of the poet for the modern people’s almost pure material-pursuit life to some extent in the poem. Secondly, the repetition of sentence “The tide rises, the tide falls”. This sentence appears in the beginning and the ending of each stanza, which forms an interlocking enclosed rhyme. Rhyme of this kind renders the poem’s form...
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