Tidal Power

Topics: Renewable energy, Wind power, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 4 (1199 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Tidal power is a type of energy source that is slowly becoming more prominent as our energy crisis continues. Energy crisis is the consideration why I chose tidal renewable energy as a subject and it unlimited abundance source of clean energy system the world could use. Tidal power has great potential for future power and present energy consumption because of the massive size of our oceans. Using a combination of dams, fences, and turbines, many countries are utilizing the almost untapped resources of inexhaustible tidal power. Created due to the gravitational forces of the moon, the tides of the day are highly predictable and can be used incredibly efficiently. This type of energy is ever so slightly gaining popularity as companies fight for coastal rights. The economic and environmental aspects of this industry are also constantly changing as the world struggles to replace its addiction on fossil fuels. All these factors contribute to the pro’s and con’s of the tidal power industry.

Renewable resources are becoming important as fossil fuel costs rise and global warming continues. Tidal power, though only used for currently 0.01 percent of the US energy, is slowly becoming a topic of importance in this desperate economy. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether or not tidal power is an appropriate resource for our growing energy needs as a flourishing global economy. Both the advantages and disadvantages of tidal power will be evaluated in the context of costs/benefits, ways of obtaining power, and environmental harms.

Many companies are fighting for the rights of only a limited amount of coastline available for tidal power. For example you have Blue Energy Canada Incorporated want to invest in built underwater turbines that consume no fuse, pollution free electricity while also providing infrastructure and transportation solution across waterways. Congress filters through the tons of requests only selecting a small lucky few of investors to...
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