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Case 2: Romano Pitesti

The Romano Pitesti case study shows how important it is for a company the concepts of leadership and supervision, for the smooth internal operation and the accomplishment of the company’s mission. Situation Analysis

Tickton Flexible Products Ltd, a compounder of polyurethane and rubber materials, has recently acquired Samuel Jones Ltd, a manufacturer of sport shoes. The merging was not an easy case and it went rather bumpy. Elimination of employees and staff position changes were not easily welcomed by Jone’s employees. They were not happy with their position, they were not happy to have to report to lower-level managers, there was conflict among sales administration office and accounts office, and among the industrial sales engineers and the consumer sales representatives, and all these events caused cliques and internal divisions. In addition, Romano Pitesti, the Sales Representative from Samuel Jones Ltd, had caused such a disturbance and unrest to the Tickton employees with his individualistic behavior, that the Consumer Products Sales manager, David Courtney, was asked by the Marketing Director, Jack Simpson, to talk to him and solve this problem. Problem Identification

The acquisition came with a number of problems in Tickton-Jones Ltd. Many of the Tickton managers were not in favor of the acquisition, as the consumer products would be highly diversified. Jone’s staff felt aggrieved from the changes and where all employees were trying to work as a team and smooth the differences, Romano Pitesti was acting on his own, enjoying the advantages of his position, as the Tickton was offering conveniences according to the grade in the company. All these represent the lack of leadership and the effect of disruptive influences inside the company, and signal the need for change so that a united team would work for the prosperity of the company, sharing and achieving common goals. Alternatives
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