Tibetan Sky Burials

Topics: Death customs, Cremation, Burial Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Gunshots are going off, my men are dying everywhere the chaos does not seem to stop, and suddenly a mortar strikes our bunker. An eerie silence fills the air along with a thick cloud of black smoke. Ok, now that I’ve got your attention I would like to explain a bit about Tibetan Sky Burials. There are many burial ceremonies around the world but, the Tibetan Sky Burial in particular, proves to be the most interesting and ultimately the most gruesome of all. The origin of this fascinating burial remains vastly hidden in Tibetan mystery.

Since the introduction of Buddhism to the region in the 800s, sky burials have become the most common way to dispose of the dead. They're also among the most captivating social practices to appear from a culture that still remains full of mystery to most outsiders. Normally, Sky Burials were only reserved to people of great significance and importance. For example, the Dalai Lama and modern-day Buddhas would have been treated with this obscure burial. As time progressed these burials became open to the citizens of Tibet, still following the order of hierarchy the most important citizens would have priority. High priests and monks would be treated to this once in a lifetime event, funny thing is that’s the last event they will ever be apart of in their lifetime, hence once in a lifetime.

While most of the worldwide burials are open to the public and media, the Tibetan Sky Burial has strict rules that make it hard for foreigners to visit and witness this burial. The rules aim to establish order in the ranks of Tibetan sky burial masters, or priests. The rules were part of a wide-range drive to enforce regulations, and govern participation and hygiene at sky burial grounds in the area surrounding the particular regional capital. The regulations would "raise the skills and morals of sky burial masters." Priests who conduct sky burials must be officially approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Part of the new regulations was aimed...
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