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The art of advertising is a tough job. It is not very easy to impress the mind of the target audience and create a good perception of your product. Creating a good perception takes the job to whole new level where advertisers must make the audience learn about the product. This instigates an even harder job, to pursue the audience to make the decision in your favor. The job is even harder when you have to pursue the audience about a product which has failed once in the past. Such is our mission in reestablishing one of our favorite food brands on the past, ‘Nocilla’.

‘Grupo Nutrexpa’ is the mother company of ‘Nocilla’. The company is headquartered in Barcelona, and it was set up in the 1940s with a view to produce food which was "tasty and highly nutritious". Nutrexpa offers five kinds of ‘Nocilla’ with different colors and taste which are ‘Nocilla Bokawa(cake)’; ‘Nocilla Postres (a liquid chocolate which is used on ice-cream,burgers etc)’; ‘Nocilla sticks (flour sticks& chocolate)’; ‘Nocilla Vasos (red, green, light blue, glass jars)’; ‘Nocilla Tarrinas (two chocolate flavor)’.Basically ‘Nocilla Original’ was marketed in Bangladesh. At the beginning of the 1990’s it was available in our local market though a food importing company of Bangladesh called ‘Sajeeb Corporation’. For the sake of our project we are assuming that Nocilla is being re launched in Bangladesh and the hard task of advertising about this forgotten product has been handed to an advertising company managed by us.

Advertising Objectives

Sales Objective: It is obvious that Nocilla’s sales in Bangladesh have declined drastically over the last few years. So our main and prime objective as the advertising agency is to boost the sales of Nocilla. Since there are very little means of communicating Nocilla to the consumers, we can use advertising which is a dominant force in the marketing mix for Nocilla.

Communication Objective: As we are repositioning Nocilla with the concept of both Taste and Nutrition, we need to communicate this information to the appropriate target consumers. Through our advertising, we have to make sure the kids get the sense of taste and the parents get the essence of Nutrition.

Audience Analysis

As per our analysis, our audiences are our target consumers for whom Nocilla would be reestablished. Kids are very fond of chocolate and would very cheerfully grab the opportunity to change their traditional breakfast with something more chocolaty and tasty. Teenagers always look for different types of taste in their breakfast. They prefer a fast and easily makeable breakfast that would quickly set them free to get busy with their activities. Also they may prefer the taste whenever they would like to have quick snacks. Parents always look to provide the necessary nutrition to their children. Nocilla provides hassle free and quick nutritious breakfast for them. This behavior is also applicable for people with a busy life style and always on the go.


To better attract our target audience our advertising agency has decided to break down our consumers into sub group of consumers that have similar needs, desired product benefits and purchase behavior. We have decided to segment our consumers by dividing them into Demographic, Geographic and Psychographic segments.

Demographic Segmentation: Our target consumers would be of the age between 6 to 25 years. They are mainly kids, teenagers and grownups of that specific age category who share a love for a chocolaty breakfast. We can also include the household of parents who likes a nutritious breakfast for their kids.

Geographic Segmentation: As for the quality Nocilla is a premium product with a premium price. So our main target location will be the city areas like Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and other major city centered regions.

Psychographic Segmentation: Our segmentation also depends on the life style of the...

References: (+)VAT 15% Tk. 52500.00
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