Ti-basic and Class

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Math 114 De Anza College Syllabus: SPRING 2007

ENABLEMATH (as of 3/30/2007)

|MATH 114 Section 12 |MATH 114 Sections 8, 9 | |Instructor: Susan Dean |Instructor: Edwin Njinimbam | |Website: http://faculty.deanza.edu/deansusan |Website: http://faculty.deanza.edu/njinimbamedwin | |Office: S76C Phone #: 408-864-8865 |Office: S46A Phone #: 408-864-8545 | |Email: deansusan@deanza.edu |Email: njinimbamedwin@deanza.edu | |Office Hours: MW 11:30 – 12:20 in S76C |Office Hours: | |TTH 1:30 – 3:30 in S44 |Section 8 meets MWF in E36 and TTh in S44 | |Section 12 meets in S46 on MW and TThF in S48 |Section 9 meets MWF in E36 and TTh in S8 | |MATH 114 Sections 3, 11 |MATH 114 Section 61 | |Instructor: K. J. Shi |Instructor: Bill Abb | |Website: http://faculty.deanza.edu/shikejian |Website: http:// | |Office: S16H Phone #: 408-864-8481 |Office: Phone #: 408- | |Email: shikejian@deanza.edu |Email: | |Office Hours: |Office Hours: | |Section 3 meets MW in S48 and TThF in S48 |Section 61 meets in S49 6 – 7:10 MW & in S44 7:15 – 8:20 MW |

NOTE: If you are repeating EnableMath Math 114 or dropped it last school year (Fall 2005 – through Winter 2007), please let the instructor know. THE FINAL EXAM MUST BE TAKEN Tuesday June 26 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. [pic]

CSI Information: CSI means “College Student Inventory.” EnableMath REQUIRES participation in the CSI student retention program. Students will be dropped from the class for failure to participate in the CSI program. The CSI will be taken IN THE LAB ( 30 – 40 minutes, on average) Monday Apr 16 – Friday Apr 20. Materials:

• Book and Site License for ENABLEMATH; Enablearning/Noel-Levitz; Buy in the De Anza College Bookstore ONLY. • A graphing calculator (TI 83 plus or TI 84) is highly recommended. You can rent a TI-83 plus by going to myti83.com for $9 per month for as long as you like. • The TI-89 calculator is NOT allowed.

• EnableMath Math 114 Supplemental Handouts Spring 2007; Susan Dean, K. J. Shi, Edwin Njinimbam, Bill Abb; Buy in the De Anza College Bookstore. [pic]
• Regular, punctual attendance at all class meetings is expected of each student. YOU CANNOT EXPECT TO DO WELL IN THE CLASS IF YOU FAIL TO ATTEND. • Students absent anytime during the first TWO weeks of class will be dropped unless they contact the instructor. • A student must drop the course if absent the equivalent of 250 minutes or one week of...
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