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Most people know Thurgood Marshall as just the first African American Supreme Court justice. However besides this, Marshall has made plenty other accomplishments in the time that he lived. July 2, 1908 Marshall was born in Baltimore, Maryland. In his youth, his father taught him about the rule of law and the United States Constitution. Completing high school in 1925 Marshall followed his brother to Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Among his classmates were distinguished black leaders such as Langston Hughes and Kwame Nkrumah, future president of Ghana. Just before Marshall was to graduate he married his first of two wives Vivian Burey who in 1955 died from cancer. In the year of 1930 Marshall applied to the University of Maryland Law School yet he was denied admission. Why? Because he was Black. This event haunted Marshall for years but he then sought admission to Howard University’s law school. He was admitted and was immediately influenced by the new dean, Charles Hamilton Houston. Charles Houston encouraged all of this students to want to apply the Constitution to all Americans, for everyone to be under the protection of the Constitution. Marshall’s first major court case was in 1933 in which he successfully sued the University of Maryland to admit Donald Murray, an African American Amherst University graduate. Marshall followed his university mentor, Charles Houston to New York where he later became Chief Counsel for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in short, the NAACP. During this time Marshall was asked by the United Nations to help draft the constitutions for the emerging African nations of Ghana. After building an impressive record of Supreme Court challenges to discrimination, President John F. Kennedy finally appointed Marshall to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. While here he wrote over 150 decisions like the support for the rights of immigrants and limited government intrusion in cases involving...
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