Thule Greenland

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Thule Air Base Greenland is typically artic to subarctic; cool summers and cold winters. As a US Merchant Marine, I set sail from New Jersey to Thule Greenland during the winter which was the December timeframe. The air on the sea was cold, yet the air had a fresh clean aroma. Sometimes the sea would be smooth or rocky with every pitch and rolls of the ship. Some days it would rain. Life aboard the ship was always unpredictable. Hearing the rain drops on the ship in the middle of the ocean, would make me think about the early merchant marines who sailed the ocean before myself.

Arriving at Thule Greenland was a chilling experience, it was very cold. The ground would be frozen, the lake would be frozen and everything around was very dark. In the country of Thule Greenland it is six months of darkness and six months of light. All clothing must be very warm for the cold weather.

The local people were really nice to us. While working as a team, we would unload all supplies, which would take a couple of days. At night we would have time off just to relax. However, there was not a lot to do because it was so cold. Yet, I really enjoyed being in Thule Greenland.

Sailing back to the United States of America, I would often recount my experience in Thule and wish how other Americans could experience and see the same history of the country of Thule Greenland. It is a memory that I will never forget.
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