Three Types of Stress

Topics: Debt, Anxiety, Feeling Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Life can be so accelerated in many countries. The competition for the best job, the best quality of life or simply “a perfect life” of wealth and material things imposed by society as something to envy, can cause an enormous pressure on people of all ages. Sometimes, mental and physical wellness can be affected by Stress, a continuous feeling of worry cause by difficulties in life that prevent people from relaxing and living in harmony. Students are not the exception: they have to combine different life’s facets at the same time like academic, financial and personal that overload them with no other choice than find the perfect balance between them.

Academic Stress comes along with challenging classes and academic obstacles, depending on the educational center, its learning structure and chosen career. Many students find themselves dealing with long hours of study, trying to get the maximum content comprehension and doing their homework on time to meet the teacher’s requirements and get acceptable grades to meet with their own expectations. Teachers have no problem failing students who don't demonstrate responsibility in class; some are stricter than others and they are constantly demanding punctuality in attendance and homework. This is a factor that also influences in obtaining higher or lower grades.

In addition to academic stress, students can feel pressure for financial reasons being the most important their tuition debt: it goes up each semester. Students usually have to face financial troubles because they have to administrate their money and give priority to some expenses. Some teachers ask them for two or three books on each course, which can be expensive and the main reason because some students opt to buy used textbooks. Another financial concern is the capacity of paying their basic bills: phone, car loan insurances and rent. Many students are householders so they have to afford many more expenses like water, sewer, house insurance, electricity,...
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