three types of reliable friends

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Three Types of Reliable Friends
    Friends play an important role in my life. Some of them are supportive and trustworthy, while some may not.  Today I can only rely on these three types of friends; a school friend, a neighborhood friend, and a childhood friend.   These friends are very helpful and generous to me, I can't live without them. 

    First, I'd like to talk about my school friend; Sean. He is a badminton player in the school team. We have something in common, and that is we both like sports and English. He is a decent student and he always delights me and supports me when I'm facing difficulties in the lectures. We have been taking a lot of classes together and have been plotting on different subjects or projects together.  He is a good company while I am on campus; we always have lunch or dinner together.  Even when some exams are approaching, we will definitely study in the library together.  We solve different kinds of problems or issues and we learn some new knowledge together. So I think I am really lucky to have him as my friend.

    The second type of friend I can rely on is my neighbor, Ross. She is 5 years older than me and we usually go to the supermarket to shop together. I would push the cart and she would check the list for both of us. Sometimes, I can't even go shopping by myself without her help.  And sometimes, she will invite me to her house for a party, and prepares a movie or TV series to watch while I would bring in some food or beverages.  She is a great friend during the weekends. Once I finished my homework, I would make a call to her for some interesting activities.  Ross is so nice and considerate to me, she treats me as her brother and we are like a family but live separately.

    My childhood friend, Howard, is someone I met when I was in fourth grade.  We both in a same swimming team, we practice and train together.  Howard always likes to challenge me. Sometimes I would win and...
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