Three Types Of Persuasion Essay

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Classically, persuasion comes in three basic types: logos, pathos and ethos. Logos are appeals to reason, relying in evidence, facts, research, observation and examples to put arguments forward. Pathos refers to emotional appeals, meant to arouse feelings and biases in the reader. The last one, ethos, relies on the reader's innate sense of right and wrong.

Using any one of them is a valid way of crafting an argument piece, provided that the actual writing is good (you can use a qualified writing software to assist). However, if you're truly looking to sway a reader's mind, being able to combine all of them into your work should prove the smarter decision.

Why? Because sticking to one leaves plenty of holes for the reader to fill. Going with a strictly logical appeal, while it invites a reasonable response,
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It is an effective approach especially if you are going to discuss an issue or promoting business matters which can attract the public's interest. Yet, because there are three types of persuasive writing, you have to be specific enough with your ideas and how you will convey the message towards your readers. However, be also cautious about when you are going to influence you readers since you need to also know how it will affect your readers base on the words you use in writing.

Any of these three basic types of persuasion, always consider how your readers would feel and react in every statements that you provide. Though you need to impart them with what you are trying to convey, you need to know how to set your words the right way for you to provide contents with quality not just because of quantity. That is, if you are using too many words just to persuade your readers. Still, being aware about the correct and proper way of writing always

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