Three Types Of Hockey Players

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The Three Types of Hockey Players

Hockey is a game of organized chaos. While the team that has control of the puck tries to pass, shoot, and score the team without the puck is trying to steal, hit, and block shots. This is obvious and anyone watching a hockey game can clearly see this. But what some people don’t see is the roles that every player has and how important it is to their team’s success. There are many different types of hockey players but its best to classify them into three major types that every team needs to win on a daily basis. There are scorers, two-way players, and grinders.             The scorers on a hockey team are the offensively minded players. They usually consist of players known as snipers, playmakers, or offensive defensemen. They are your Sidney Crosbys, Alexander Ovechkins, and Patrick Kanes of the team. Normally the “stars” of the team; they are the skaters you can depend on to put the puck in the net night in and night out.  Without any natural scorers your team will be hard pressed to win any games, and they naturally occupy the top two lines of the team. Most of their work is done in the offensive zone. These types of players are not known for what they do on the defensive side of the game and are often targeted by the other team for big hits or trash talk in an attempt to get them off their groove. The scorers are the players you want out on the ice for most situations, but especially for power play time. The most elite scorers in the league have no problem scoring 40 or more goals a season and are often the face of their respected franchise. They sell the most jerseys and put the butts in the seats, and often get the butts out of the seats after a spectacular goal. On and off the ice they most known in their local community and are usually known for doing a lot of charity work with the team. They get paid the big bucks to do what they do best; which is to score. You rarely see an elite scorer get into any fights or deliver...
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