Three Strikes

Topics: Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Assumption of Mary Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Cody Schwarzburg
Mr. Sulentic
Section 04
20 January 2013
Three Strikes to Do Her Will In the Inferno, Virgil talks to Beatrice, whom is sent down from Heaven to convince him to believe in her and in God's Will and to guide and protect Dante. Beatrice utilizes three different methods of trying to convince Virgil to aid in Dante's salvation. Beatrice’s argument is very convincing because it not only makes Virgil feel sorry for Dante because Dante is suffering, but Beatrice also involves the Virgin Mary into her argument. The first means of convincing Virgil is mentioning that the higher power of the Virgin Mary is very upset over Dante. Her will wants Dante to be saved, thus Beatrice is put in charge of helping Dante. Beatrice tells Virgil that the Virgin Mary's desire to save Dante from his fate, as well as himself, is so strong that it breaks all barriers. "A gracious lady sits in Heaven grieving/for what happened to the one I send you to,/and her compassion breaks Heaven's stern decree" (3.94-96).  The second method of trying to convince Virgil is trying to manipulate him into feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness and compassion. Beatrice advises Virgil that Dante is under a lot of distress and is suffering "Do you not hear the pity of his weeping,/do you not see what death it is that threatens him/along that river the sea shall never conquer?" (3.106-108). Beatrice believes that this is one of the most effective ways because she saves this method for the latter part of her argument. This is a more effective way to motivate Virgil because all human beings have some amount of compassion towards one another, so knowing Dante is suffering greatly, Virgil is more than likely motivated to help Dante.  The final way to convince Virgil to help save Dante for the Virgin Mary is to take a sterner, condescending tone. Beatrice concludes her argument with a change of tone, from a soft,...
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