Three Star Hotel

Topics: Sampling, Sample, Sample size Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: February 22, 2009
CASE STUDY: A leading three start hotel case study

A three -star hotel located in Delhi has been experiencing a deline in its occupancy during the past one year.The management has recently reviewed the problem andis seriously considering to attract business executives as also to provide adequate facilities for holding business conferences ,workshops etc.Since this world involve some renovation of the existing buliding in addition to new furniture and equipment,the management wants to be cautious in undertaking such in expenditure.Since its inception several years ago,the hotel has been maintaining a complete record of its guests.When a person visits the hotel the first time details such as his/her name,age,sex,permanant address,purpose of visit and duration of stay are dated and recorded on the same card.The guest file has expanded tremendously containing over 8000 cards.The management wants to make use of this readily available information along with any additional information necessary in this regard.

Questions: One the basis of the above case study answer the below questions. 1.Specify the statistical universe implicit in the managements choice of the sample. 2.If the sample is to be drawn from the guest file,describe the procedure you would adopt in each of the following sample designs: a)Simple random sampling

b)Systematic sampling
c)Stratified random sampling
d)cluster sampling

3.Which one of these sample designs would you select and why? 4)Specify the nature of data that you would collect from the sample respondents.
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