Three Quality Indicators Relevant to Early Childhood Education

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Education Pages: 3 (328 words) Published: August 24, 2013
It has been verified that children who attended early childhood centers of high

quality not only achieve more success at school but also continued to

accomplish more after they had left school. (Early Childhood

Development, 2001). Undoubtedly, the role of quality early childhood

education plays a vital part in a child’s developing years, and we will be

discussing three quality indicators relevant to early childhood education and

why they are important for children and those in regard to them.

The first indicator would be trained a safe and healthy environment. This is

very essential as a child where the teacher ensures a classroom environment

that is comfortable and welcoming along with being sensitive to the

personal, developmental, academic, social and emotional needs of the

child. When the child makes a transition from home to school, he should not

feel alienated but welcomed so that the child can have to freedom to express

himself and explore.

Secondly, partnership with the parents and families is another key indicator in

early childhood education. By getting the parents involved in the child’s

learning and also by keeping them updated about the child’s progress, they

act as facilitators hence contributing to learning outside of school as well. This

also acts as reinforcement hence enhancing and strengthening the learning of

the child.

Thirdly, having small groups is an advantage in early education as the teacher

can focus on all the children and devote a good amount of time to each child

without neglecting anyone. This narrows the scope of any child feeling


Concluding, a safe learning environment, parent involvement and having

small groups are key indicators in early childhood education that complement

each other towards a healthy molding of a child, their...
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