Three Major Concerns of a Driver

Topics: Automobile, The Road, Accident Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Three Major Concerns of a Driver

When driving, there are many concerns drivers should be aware of. These concerns make driving safer for anyone on the road. The three major concerns I am going to talk about today are road conditions, following distance, and speed. These are only a few of the many concerns a driver should have when driving. Driving is not safe therfore you must take it as serious as possible. If a driver ignores these concerns there will be consequences whether it is by the law or a fatal collision.

The first concern drivers should have while driving is for the conditon of the road. Road conditions change on a daily basis due to the weather and the time of day. A good driver knows that if it is raining or snowing outside the roads will be slick. Therfore they should drive not only slower but also more cautious. Another factor that effects the condition of the road is the kind of road. Rural roads tend to be more narrow and less maintained so you shoud look out for pot holes. Each kind of road should be treated differently because they all have different dangers.

My second concern is it is important for a driver to have a safe distance between you and the next car, this is known as your following distance. This is a very important concern to have. I was effected by this about three months ago when i reared ended another driver due to not having anough distance between me and the next car. Surprisingly I am thankful for the accident because I am now a very safe and cautious driver. Your fallowing distance at twenty-five mph should be two to three car lengths between you and the car in front of you. Your following distance should increase one car length for every ten mph. A driver who fails to follow these facts will sooner or later end up in rear end accident just like I did, but the results could be much much worse.

The last major concern a driver should have that I am going to talk about is speed. Speed is...
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