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Three main Religions

Topics: Bible, Jesus, Torah, Christianity, Judaism, Moses / Pages: 3 (642 words) / Published: Nov 11th, 2013
Trissy Rose 11.11.13 Three Main Religions

There are three main religions in this world, which are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. There are many sections and stories for each religion but it would all consist of the same topic.
Judaism is a monotheism religion based on principles and beliefs from the Hebrew Bible or the three sacred texts. The three sacred text of Judaism are the Tanach, the Torah, and the Talmud. According to Jewish tradition, Judaism began with the Covenant between God and Abraham. In the Hebrew bible it says that God told Abraham to leave his home and to take his family on a long journey to the west. God promised to lead Abraham to a new land. After Abraham left his home in 2000 B.C, he settled in Canaan, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea. His descendants (the Israelites) live in Canaan for many years. But later on, some moved to Egypt. The Israelites population grew in Egypt. The enormous growth worried the pharaoh, so he enslaved all of them. But then as their savior Moses appeared when God told him to lead them out of Egypt. But the pharaoh refused. Then God sent plagues that frighten the pharaoh, so he finally agreed to free the Israelites. After this great event, Moses led his people out of Egypt on journey called the Exodus. On their journey the came across a mountain called Sinai. That was where God gave Moses two tablets that contain the Ten Commandments. When they reached their destination they conquered Canaan. Soon there was conflict after the king died and the land was force to split into 2 kingdoms. The two new kingdoms lasted for a few years.
In the Christian bible Jesus was known to be the messiah. Jesus was the most influential figures in the in the world history of a Christian. Jesus’s life and teachings form the religion of Christianity. The holy book of Christianity is the bible. The bible is made up of 2 parts. The 1st part is called the Old Testament, which is similar Hebrew bible. The New Testament is about the life and teachings Jesus and the early history of Christians. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Mary and joseph were Jesus’s parents but Christians don’t believe that joseph was Jesus’s father. By the time Jesus was 30 he begun to travel and teach. This was the beginning of the New Testament. Romans executed Jesus on a cross, because his religious teachings were different form theirs. 3 days after his death he rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples. Jesus spent 40 days teaching these disciples how to pass on his teachings. Islam is a monotheism religion based on the Qur'an. The Qur'an is the Muslim bible, which contains the teachings and practices of Muhammad. Muhammad was believed to be God’s prophet. Muhammad was born in Mecca. At age 27 he was married. He also managed a caravan business. The caravan trades made Mecca a wealthy city. But most people in Mecca were poor. One day, when Muhammad was in cave, an angel spoke to him, telling him to “Recite the name of the lord.” Soon he began to spread the word and talk about his messages. This messaged made people believe Muhammad was a prophet because he understood an angel of the lord. He taught people about Allah, which is their God. He became a spiritual and political leader. His house became the first mosque, which is a place for Muslim’s to pray. There are many things to know about these three religions. They are many parts to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Some types of Christians are Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran Baptist, etc. Some types of Jews or Hebrews are Orthodox Judaism, Modern Orthodox Liberal and more. Some types of Muslims are Shi'a and Sunni Muslims, etc.

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