Three Levels of 2014 Environment Reform

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Three Levels of 2014 Environment Reform
In the national environmental protection work conference held yesterday, minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection Mr. Zhou Xiansheng declared the aim of the reform is to get rid of the drawbacks of the current environmental protection management system, intensify the integration of ecological environmental function, establish the functions of the organic unity and coordinate the environment management system.

Mr. Zhou Xiansheng also put forward the strategic focus, priorities for reform and main direction. And the first level is to establish the clear and feasible direction and accelerate the reform.

The following seven areas of reform will be completed in 2014, the formulation and implementation of the target system, the construction of ecological civilization and promotion of ecological protection work, deepening the red line delineated the EIA approval system reform, further reduction of the decentralization of administrative examination and approval items, establishment of ecological compensation mechanism, improvement of the sewage permit system and enterprises system, control of the total discharge of pollutants to improve environmental policies and regulations.

The second level of reform is to promote the overall pilot city planning environment, put forward the minimum distance between the city ecological securities and reduce the environmental problems in the process of urbanization.

The third level of reform draws people’s attention. By the end of 2013, among the 103 reforms pilot unit, 47 will complete restructuring, 16 out of the EIA market.
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