Three Factors That Led the United States from Neutrality Into World War I

Topics: World War I, United States, World War II Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Three factors that led the United States from neutrality into World War I * February 1, 1917 Germany began unrestricted submarine warfare. * February 3, 1917 A German boat sank a U.S. cargo ship Housatonic United States and that broke off the diplomatic relationship with Germany * February 24, 1917 The Zimmermann telegram which was published in the American Press on March 1, 1917

Many of the Americans were opposed to entering World War I because they felt that it was a European war that the Americans should not get involved in. Since the United States consisted of a variety of immigrants from different countries some of which were allied and others were central powers, they could not really choose a side because of this. The main reason that was stated for the United States to enter World War I was a concoction, but it got the declaration of war through congress because President Wilson’s campaign was for America not going to war. Some of the factors that eventually influenced Americans to join the war were things like it would be advantageous if the United States joined the war and President Wilson figured if they fought and bled with different nations they could achieve the advantage and have a place with the peace negotiations. Something else that I had read was that Britain was unsure about the United States entering the war because of the possible peace in 1917 by Central Powers and Britain and they wanted to keep France within reach, but a short distance away and after the United States joined their allies France wanted to demolish and humiliate Germany for invading them two times in a period of forty years.

Three federal government strategies for uniting citizens and gaining citizen support for World War I. * Finances, if Germany had won the United States had too much invested towards Britain and France. * Propaganda, when the Germans sank the Lusitania, it was not a reason, but a good excuse. * Power, showing the world and prove...
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