Three Dreams

Topics: Ripple effect, Sociology, Butterfly effect Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Three Dreams, One Future
Closing my eyes, a quaint structure amongst a vast green field and a clear blue sky paints itself in my mind. On the wooden porch, it is the serenity of an elderly couple, gently rocking amongst a calm breeze, silently content in each other's company that depicts the final years of my journey. Looking back then, I hope to have gained what I strive for today: the security of a successful career, the warmth in a loving companion, and the pride from cherished ones. Today, I awake to see my efforts directed at a single goal; being accepted into a prestigious university. This drive is emphasized by the illuminated prospects of what a successful career can offer, the doors it can open. Yet it also propelled by the momentum of witnessing the struggles of being chained to an inadequate job. A career is what I comprehend to be the code of the outcome of one's life, the security to your future - and this monumental impact is why I aspire to achieve an accomplished career. What good is security if you have nobody to share it with? Finding this undisputable, indescribable, irrevocable love is not a meager endeavor or false hope, but rather a way of living. To laugh with freedom, live with dreams and wear your heart on your sleeve permits a life with great highs but also daring lows. Like the striking crash of tides, only a soul-mate is capable of drawing out such powerful emotions. Someday, I long to have experienced this brilliance in life. Life is beautiful but devastating. Too often do you hear the cries of famine, the shots of war and the agony of poverty. There is little in your control except for the ripple effect of your very own actions. If even for the briefest of moments, I am capable of igniting a smile on a loved one's face, I will feel joy. Perhaps it is selfish, but if my works and efforts have the influence to provide delight to others then I will feel a sense of honour. Because amongst the tragedies and anguish of...
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