Three Dimensional Printing Process at MIT

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I.Current Situation: The development of the Three Dimensional Printing Process (3DP) at MIT by researchers – Emmanuel Sachs, John Haggerty, Michael Cima, and Paul Williams – that revolutionized various businesses with its technology. a.Mission – For MIT to advance knowledge and educate in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world. b.Goals – The development of 3DP for research and technology. c.Objectives – To make use of the new ideas, technologies, and research of students to enhance the further existence of MIT inventions. d.Major Problem – Taking the MIT 3DP technology as a concept and exploiting it to create new businesses. II.Strategic Management

a.Board of Directors – MIT and the developers of 3DP: Emmanuel Sachs, John Haggerty, Michael Cima, and Paul Williams b.Top Management – The various business entrepreneurs seeking use of the technology: i.Soligen – Yehoramo Uziel

1.To revolutionize the prototyping process of metal casting in the automobile industry; Mr. Uziel saw “a great opportunity in the 3DP process to create a paradigm shift by making the ceramic casting molds with all the integral cores as net shaped cavities of the CAD file of the part and move from a CAD file into a castable ceramic mold and thus a functional part. ii.3D Orthopedics – Stephen Campbell

1.Using the 3DP process to explore making artificial bones for use; “Campbell’s ideas was that doctors would digitally submit patient information scanned from an MRI,” which would be “downloaded to central site were a piece would be designed and manufactured out ceramics. iii.Therics – Jean-Pierre Nagle and Walter Flamenbaum

1.To use the 3DP in the enhancement of “compartmentalize the release of drugs and use it to do chronopharmacological delivery of drugs; plus, expanding the development of the technology in the “fabrication of medical products.” iv.Conferences, Inc. – Michael Padnos

1.Using the technology of 3DP “to establish a chain of stores to make three dimensional heads and busts of people from photographs. v.Specific Surface Corporation – Mark Parrish and Andrew Jeffrey 1.Making “ceramic filters for the power generation market directly from computer drawings, without tooling, dies, or molds” by using the 3DP process using “geometries and performance not possible with alternative processes.” vi.Z-Corp – Marina Hasopoulos and Walter Bornhorst

1.Incorporating the 3DP concept for design engineers and architects to “review design changes early in the design process and to present ideas to others.” vii.3D Partners – Andrew Kelly
1.Providing architectural models for building. “With the CAD and the 3DP process, there is the potential to spin out models [for architects] in a couple of minutes rather than a couple hours.” viii.3D Imaging – Lau Christianson and Todd Jackson

1.Using the technology for modeling services to surgeons. “Our idea was to reassemble these two-dimensional images into an actual three-dimensional object so that a surgeon could explore what they were really going to find once surgery began without having to deal with the secondary abstraction.” III.External Environment

a.Societal Environment
i.The development of 3DP allowed for at least eight different entrepreneurs to take the concept and develop it for the greater good in enhancing the various industries they were in. It would help eliminate lag time, create more opportunities, and give the benefits to the people. b.Task Environment

i.The concept of 3DP created numerous uses to business.
a.Enhance the medical field
i.Using the technology for incorporating its use to create artificial bones that could sustain weight ii.Revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by creating new ways to create and manufacture medical goods. iii.Providing a visual concept for surgeons to provide the best care possible b.Improve the production of automobiles and filters

i.Providing a new way...
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