three different problems in Irish society.
Topics: Credit card, Credit card fraud, Fraud, Hacker, Theft, Identity theft / Pages: 7 (2049 words) / Published: May 8th, 2014

In this essay I will write about three different problems in Irish society. The first topic is about mass consumerism and how internet shopping has become such common place in Irish society that everyone now a days use it to buy their shopping with. The worrying trend do is credit card theft and the increase in fraud. Technology becoming ever more sophisticated and the latest advancements in fraud it is becoming more harder to stop it and keep up to date with it. In this Essay I’ll explain credit card fraud and also cases of where it has been committed. Loyalty build in Ennis county Clare worryingly had over one million of its customer’s details taken from its computers. Hacking has become common place in society to. One of the biggest and oldest print publications the News of the world had to cease publication after being caught up in it in 2011 after it had been found hacking into celebrity’s and politicians private voicemails. Shockingly you can even hire hacking gangs to gain other people’s information. Cyber bullying has now seen a massive increase in popularity among young woman and I will show this through my research and figures and try and figure out why this is happening today. Cyber terrorism is a new trend of crime that we cannot even police because there is no laws in any jurisdiction to police it. Lastly in this essay I will talk about old age crime in rural areas and with the recent cut backs in policing has now affected the elderly and show how it has been easier for burglaries to be committed.
With the growing increase in having the latest commodities in Ireland, we are seeing an increase in credit card theft and fraud. Legally speaking credit card fraud is a form of identity theft which engages in the unauthorized taking of another person’s credit card information for the purpose of purchasing items and charging it to the persons credit card account and also from withdrawing funds from the account.
The latest technological advances in

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