Three Days to See

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Losing sight or blindness is one of the greatest fears I ever had. I, who am a very fond of reading, if blindness will knock me, can no longer read. I, who foolishly cherished every movie I’ve watched, can no longer behold. I, who has a great pleasure or find happiness and contentment during times of my wonderings. Being lost in wonder at the works of nature, wouldn’t be able to enjoy much life as how much I used to. To live in darkness, is like living in a prison cell. Seemingly, not allowed to do anything. Everything has its own extent. You are bounded from almost everything. It is true that Helen Keller’s excerpt “If the Seeing Sees Little” from her biography is indeed an awakening call to everyone who reads it. Especially to those who only take their day or sight for granted those who hardly appreciate the beautiful things that surround them. It will make you think and realize more about life and all its wonders. You will learn to discern the importance or value every little thing you’ve known no value. If I were given three more seeing days to see before the total relapse of darkness fall into me. I will seize each day and see to it that everything I would do is remarkable and can be worth the reminiscing. I would make the most out of this three days. On the first day, I will gather all my family or loved ones, friends or acquaintances on some sort of a picnic at a mountain side that lies in one of the barrio of our town named Pila, where cool, crystal clear water is flowing. Many small cottages are also present. And oh, the gigantic trees that witnessing through ages. Also you can’t avoid the noise made by the strangers who also are enjoying in that place. After indulging ourselves from the delicious food we have, I want them to show the cascading falls, something that my town Natividad can be proud of. We will go and take a bath, have some pictures and as all these things are taking place I would have to fill my mind all those happy faces,...
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