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Three Days to See

By angelocelestial Jan 22, 2013 455 Words
Helen Keller was a very intelligent woman who was afflicted at an early age in life. Her disabilities set in on her at eighteen months. As she grew older she didn’t let her incapacity defeat her. In 1933, Keller wrote an essay entitled, “Three Days To See”. In this article Keller gives a response about what she would like to see if she were given her sight back for three days. She also speaks about what it would be like if others were to lose their sight for three days as well. The opening statement of Keller’s article reads, “I have often thought it would be a blessing if each human being were stricken blind and deaf for a few days at some time during his early adult life. Darkness would make him more appreciative of sight, silence would teach him the joys of sound.” Does not this statement alone make you take the time to sit back and wonder what that type of journey would be like. Then suddenly you close your eyes and embrace all that is going on around you just to bathe in its glory for you know you have taken so much for granted Keller uses a lot of her emotions to catch your attention. It is very hard to argue with her about the situation because she makes a very relevant point. One reason is that she lives by experience. Keller lives in darkness on a day to day basis. Looking at my like, I know that I definitely take so much for granted and do not appreciate a lot of the simpler things in life. Things like the way my son son turns his head to the side and pokes his lip out and up tight to the corner on the right, giving me those puppy dog eyes with a hint of an attitude hidden behind then as he says, “ uh huh!” as he agrees with me when we are joking around and I ask him a question. I now think about not being able to see my mom’s face, her smile, the laughter in her eyes. Being able to just look at her and know when she is feeling upset or in pain and not wanting to say anything. If I couldn’t see I wouldn’t be able cook or do hair, my whole life would be none existent. Keller has taken her personal experience and caused me to put a whole new outlook on life. I never thought about looking at my life in that aspect before. The way that she broke it down in such detail is amazing. She teaches you to look at life with your glass half full in a rose colored glass.

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