Three Day Food Intake Paper

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Three Day Food Intake Paper

November 5, 2013
University of Phoenix
Three Day Food Intake Paper
The proper nutrition plays a major role in having good health. Without the proper nutrients the body cannot function proper and can open the body up to any number of disease like heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, obesity, anemia, and high blood pressure. During this three day intake this writer has learn about her eating habits and ways to improve them. Proteins

The Daily Recommended Intake Report states this writer should be getting 102 to 356 grams of protein a day in her diet, but she is only getting 82 grams a day which is below the recommended range. This can be a problem if she does not get the recommended amounts her body needs. According, to the Office of Women’s Health (2008). Women need protein to help break down food for energy and breaking down toxins in the body. She can increase the amount of protein she gets by eating more red meats, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, beans, lentils, milk, and soy products. Carbohydrates

The Daily Recommended Intake Report states this person should be getting 458 to 661 grams of carbohydrates a day in her diet. She is only getting 308 grams which is well below the The recommended amount for her body. Carbohydrates provides energy the cells in her brain, nervous system, and blood. It also, supplies her muscles while she exercise. Without carbohydrates her body will not have the energy it needs to proform properly. She can increase the carbohydrates she needs by eating more complex carbs like- salads and pastas. Also, staying away from the simple carbs like sugar.

Lipids and Fiber
The Daily Recommended Intake Report states this person should be getting less than 30 grams of fat...

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