Three Current Problems

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Three Current Problems
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Three Current Problems
Three current problems or challenges that make pursuing my education and career goals difficult are time management, work schedule, and social life. These problems can make completing my degree difficult by distracting me from what I need to get done. These are problems that I have addressed and am working on ways to overcome them. Time management is important in allowing allotted time in order to complete required assignments. It is important to find the right balance for managing free time and time spent on school assignments. This affects my education and career goals by limiting the time I have to complete my assignments. I like to plan my time accordingly and make sure I provide myself enough time to properly complete all my assignments. Work schedule can also play a factor in getting assignments completed and can limit the amount of time to complete them. I am only working part time at the moment but still try and give myself enough free time to complete what I need to get done. There is an increased stress level that work can add making school more difficult. This affects my education and career goals by cutting into the time I have for school work and adds a degree of stress. Social life is important to maintain for keeping a relationship with friends and family but can take up a lot of time in doing so. Keeping a relationship is important but can be difficult with trying to balance between school and work. This can affect my education and career goals by allowing me to get off track with my school assignments. I try and allow myself at least one day a week to communicate with friends and family and keep up with their lives.

In conclusion these problems have added a degree of difficulty to my life though I have managed to overcome them. I have been working hard and developing ways to overcome the problems in life I am faced with. Not getting overwhelmed and taking things one...
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