Three Courses He Fallowed to Realize Illusion in “Araby”

Topics: Love, Conflict, Boy Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: October 28, 2012
In “Araby”, James Joyce describes how he navigated his journey from dream to reality. A young narrator's dream was not that he wanted to be loved or admitted by her or date with Mangan's sister. This reason is found in text “I thought little of the future. I did not know whether I would ever speak to her or not or, if I spoke to her, how I could tell her of my confused adoration."(Joyce,1). It was his mission and illusion that Just going bazaar to bring some gifts for Mangan's sister as a sign of love. To accomplish that expectation by any means, he made effort and showed seriousness which we can found when he had been patient with waiting his uncle and he did not smile after his uncle said “The people are in bed and after their first sleep now”(Joyce,1). Mangan's sister who made a young narrator crazy about her, she was considered as an saint Mary or angel based on a text "But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires."(Joyce,1) However reader can also find her another images from "While she spoke she turned a silver bracelet round and round her wrist."(Joyce,1) and "It fell over one side of her dress and caught the white border of a petticoat, just visible as she stood at ease."(Joyce,1).These descriptions and behaviour of her slightly reminds us of a prostitute. Because prostitutes shows underwear and beg materials in jewely. Yet a young narrator has not got an ounce of a different point of view to Mangan's sister, and finally he came to know a dark and dull reality by going to Araby which was so different from his ideals. There are three kinds of courses he followed from dream to reality.

First one is a matter of money. If any bazaar was nice, he should had bought something there to accomplish his dream. It can be moralized that he did not have any saving since he depended on his uncle for everything. For example, in Saturday morning, he called his uncle's special attention not to forget prepare money ....
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