Three Colonial Sections

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Advanced placement U.S. Historv I ' Lesson 7 Handout 1 (page i)

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The Three colonial sections-one society or Three?
Part A.
Study the accompanyrng maps to answer the following questions. In each instance, write the letter map (or maps) Jo"lJ"i,,g the inrormation, and cite speciric

:,i:ff.oT:l :T#l:,XHfff:J::
b. Scotch-trr:ish c. English d. Africans

The^nationality that was most cor'non a. German

in ail trre colonies


? a The colonial section a. South b. Middle Colonies c. New England

wit] ttre least variety of economic activity was



a a 1
1 1 1 1
7 7

The colonial section with the most diversrty of religions was a. New England b. Middle Colonies c. South

a. New England b. Middle Colonies c. South d. Frontier

Judging from the 9up" on Religious Denominations and National origins, which section had the widest range of languages and cultures?

a. b. c.

which of the following factors best tied the coronists
Religion Trade I-anguage



a. Anglican Church b. Slavery c. Fishing

which of the following best reflected the presence of England in all sections of the colonies?

I s a. South b. New England c. Middle Colonies

which colonial section best reflected the melting pot of nationalities?

) ) , s 8' which section of the colonies a. South b. Middle Colonies c. New England

had the least urban development?



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Advanced Placement U.S. History I Lesson I Handout I (page 2)

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Part B.
To conclude this activity, answer the following:

1. I;ist at least four similarities among the three

sections of colonial Arnerica.


F F h k



2. List at least four differences

among the three sections of colonial America.

It tls t:g

€ €

3. A

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