Three Breeds of Cute and Cuddly Cattle

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3 Breeds of Cute and Cuddly Cattle
There are over 800 breeds of cattle that are recognized worldwide to choose from, however, three breeds that would work well in any herd are Red Angus, Chianina, and Maine Anjou. The Red Angus breed is a British breed. Both Maine Anjou and Chianina breeds are continental breeds. These three breeds have exceptional characteristics which they pass on to their progeny. Marbling, muscling, calving ease, and low birth rates are just a few of the aspects that are good to look for in choosing beef cattle.

Red Angus has many great traits to make them a viable seedstock choice. This particular breed is known for calving ease. Calving ease is when the birth of a calf does not require assistance and does not impose undue strain on the calf or dam. They also have low birthrates, which in turn also helps with the number of assisted births. Red Angus is a breed that grows very quickly, which helps ranchers make more profit since they keep the calves for less time. This breed also produces marbled meat which helps ranchers make more profit and buyers get better meat for the prices they pay.

Maine Anjou are also an excellent choice for beef cattle because of their many great traits, for example their large size, muscling, and fattening abilities. The Maine’s large size is profitable for ranchers because this means they have more muscle and more muscling means more money in the ranchers pocket on sale day. Ranchers also should use Maine Anjou because of their easy fattening abilities. When ranchers use these cattle in their herds they can easily crossbreed them with their other cattle to produce even better cattle that fatten up quicker. Maine Anjou also has the highest marbling of all the continental breeds.

Chianina is a breed with a lot of potential. They have heavy, well defined muscling that every rancher wants and need. Along with the great muscling, they also have a high lean to fat ratio. Chianina bulls produce...
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