Three , Ain Concepts of Law

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Introduction to law

Introduction to law

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In today`s modern world the law of different countries is established or based on different languages. Various technics are practiced and created for society with mostly diverse structures, rules and beliefs. Thus, in order to identify the entity and features of law system in different countries of world, there should be consideration to contemplate the well-established principles. The given coursework provides a comparative analysis of three following concepts namely: rule of law, rule of man, and rule of god. Precisely, aforementioned research concerned with the following issue: to characterize each given concepts, describing pros and cons points; to investigate forceful concept by considering a country as a model of an appropriate system.
The rule of law
Aristotle claimed, “The rule of law is better than that of any individual." Under the principles of the rule of law, law has supremacy and it can be functioned as a tool to cope and diverge against an abuse of power. According to notoriously chauvinistic professor AV Dicey, In Introduction to the study of the law of the Constitution (1885), he distinguished three essential characteristic which together make the rule of law to be expressed in his own version. Thus, the first element is an absence on the arbitrary power on the part of the state. It claims that in order to avoid the prevention of state by arbitrary discretion of authority, the discretionary power must be limited by staying under the law and it should be belong to the control of law. In this manner Dicey says that arbitrary

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