Thoughts On Physical Education

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Thoughts on Physical Education
I have been long-set on becoming a physical education teacher. I believe our world is quickly turning into one that promotes sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits, which will inevitably lead to a higher risk of diseases and maladies including cancer, cardiovascular failings, and many other undesirable inflictions. Much of the illness that America faces today can be cured with proper lifestyle adjustments and healthy eating habits, but unfortunately, many members of our population are unable or unwilling to recognize what could and should be done.

Children are our future. Almost everyone will agree to the logical and metaphorical truth of this statement, but fewer will actively work to act upon it. It takes a village to raise a child, and part of that village is responsible for assisting children in recognizing the gift of their physical bodies and how they are to take are of these bodies. I believe it is my God-given responsibility to help children learn to be active, healthy, and physically mobile in a world that praises stationary pursuits as innovative and up-and-coming.

I was surprised to learn that the state of California has so many rules and guidelines for physical education teachers. Each grade level must learn new attributes of physicality and must learn new skills as the school year progresses. Things like dribbling a basketball and learned to jump and land correctly are not inherent qualities but rather they must be learned by someone willing to teach them.

Physical education may not be the most well paying career for someone with a degree in kinesiology, but I am certain that it is among the most rewarding of pursuits. This class has only intensified my desire to teach young children how to reap the rewarding fruits of a physical lifestyle and to do so to the best of my abilities.
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