Thoughts on Being Humble

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What is the purpose of being humble, when should we be humble, and is being humble overrated?

Do people only dislike other people for being cocky because they doubt themselves?

Personally, I do not mind it much when people brag about what they have achieved or have done. More often than not, I know they never intentionally mean any harm by doing so. Why should I mind? They’re only excited about their life, right?

It is always easy to remain humble when everything is good and dandy, but the moment someone criticizes them, they tend to withdraw, especially if the person criticizing does so in a tone which may not be “soothing” enough.

I know people who swear on their lives they are humble, yet, they are not. They are so deep in their beliefs that it is never their fault that they instantly create excuses to justify their reasoning, and if you try to point out their lack of logic, they will not listen at all. They are so involved in their own ego that thinking something else almost seems impossible.

If someone was truly humble shouldn’t that mean they are also understanding and relaxed? (If you disagree or would like to add anything, please leave a comment below explaining your reasoning so we may correct this article.) I have come to conclude that many people believe they are humble when in fact, they are not.

First of all, I strongly believe that your environment shall be a strong determinant on whether it is the right place and time to be humble. Not everyone will have read articles like you are reading this one, therefore, not everyone may be as understanding as you. Do not mistake being humble with being confident because there is a difference. Confidence is having a strong locus of control. That means you truly believe that you will obtain the positive outcomes you desire no matter how the process goes. An example of being humble is being able to maintain composure when someone criticizes you, and not letting your ego get the best of you....
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