Thought Questions

Topics: Marketing, Product differentiation, Target market Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: September 30, 2009
Calyx & Corolla
Thought Questions:

1) How would you segment Calyx and Corolla’s market and which segments would you target if you were Ruth Owades and her management team? Market segmentation in the case of Calyx and Corolla can be done based on several observable characteristics to come up with distinct profiles of every segment which will help us pick the right target market.

I would segment Calyx & Corolla’s market in the following way:

|Segmentation Basis |Segments |Target Segment |Rationale | |Gender |Women Vs Men |Women |Women are known to be emotional and their sensitive| | | | |nature makes them more likely to choose flowers as | | | | |a means of expressing their feelings. | |Age |Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults|Teenagers, Adults |Teenagers comprise the majority of the market who | | |and Old | |celebrates days like valentines day, mother’s day, | | | | |father’s day, friendship day. Hence making them a | | | | |target segment id a very obvious choice. Also | | | | |adults (mainly women at the age of 30 -35 yrs – | | | | |homemakers or working) love the idea of gifting, or| | | | |even using flowers to decorate their...
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