Thought Paper 1

Topics: Gender role, Woman, Gender Pages: 4 (1075 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Ariana Argomaniz
Prof. Marron
FAS 204 Gender Relations
September 25, 2014

Topic #24: Discuss the portrayals of gender in the media. How influential are advertisements? The media today continually promotes a specific type of “gender role” and behavior for both men and women. It influences and corrupts the minds of both men, women and especially young teens when doing so. With that said it’s definitely a big part of creating social norms as well. Think about it, there are three common different types of media: television, films, and advertisements, which are shown almost everywhere. Like I mentioned before, gender roles for an example exist only because society chooses to accept them for what they are. Viewers must be aware of what the media is trying to push on them, especially females. For example, most women when appearing with their male actors on screen constantly are portrayed in roles that are supportive and dependent on their partner especially financially. It’s as if our society only knows of two gender roles, "masculine” and "feminine.”

Women in the media, in my opinion are the ones who are portrayed in a way that influences young women and teens more negatively. In advertisements females are most commonly shown as sex objects. In television shows females usually play roles of the “housewife.” Showing men and women that the “perfect women” is one who: doesn’t work, stays home and takes care of the household, has dinner ready when their man gets home, is always done up from head to toe, has the “perfect body,” doesn’t think for herself and is supportive and submissive. What message does that send teen girls who don’t think that’s how it should be? Or who don’t fully fit that description? The media is just corrupting the minds of young teen girls and turning them into something that maybe they don’t want to be, but feel they have to because it’s what is “socially acceptable.” As far as the work place in television shows and reality, there is...

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