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Thought and School Compound Overseer

By Martey1 Mar 16, 2013 405 Words
The Headmaster and his Assistants, Members of Stuff, Outgoing Prefects, Seniors, Fellow Student. I deem it very distinguished to stand before you at this instant to present my manifesto as an incoming school compound overseer for this grand institution of the ours.

Human beings were created in God’s image and are all alike. However, different people from different places live differently, think differently and carry out different activities . Most of these are mainly based on the environment from which the person comes from . Therefore, human beings behavior is also directed by the environment from which the person comes from . As an environment captain, some of my duties in school are as follows;

a)cleanliness being second to God, I have to ensure that the whole school, classes and the compound is always clean. A clean environment offers room for critical thinking.
b)I am concerned with how students relate to each other and also with teachers. Good relationships promote good ideas from those who are concerned . If all students have a positive and good relationship , the entire school environment will be like that. That’s my duty to see to that.

c)Help in promoting self discipline among students . Indiscipline issues might lead to the spoilage of the entire school environment.
d)For the major purpose of being in school is learning my duty is therefore to ensure that the environment itself is academic. An academic environment is one that is quite , good relationship among people and people who are willing to do their duties as students.

e)Ensure that school property is respected and well taken care of.
f)Ensure that there is maximum utilization of the available school resources but without wastage.
h)Support the school captain in implementing some policies and strategies he comes up with .
When carrying out my duties however, I know i will sometime face some challenges some of which are:-
a)Rude cases sometimes I tell students to wash and some might decide to respond rudely. As a student I cannot beat them. I feel bad that even if I punish them they just show me that I am doing nothing.

b)Sometimes I find the compound unclean and am usually challenged of whom I should let clean it. I cannot just pick anybody at random because I feel that am oppressing them. But then as a leader am ready to face any challanges that comes my way.

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