Thought and Job

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The 3 jobs I would most like to do are
1 engineer
2 pilot
3 artist
The 3 jobs I would least like to do are:
1 teacher
2 waiter
3 plumber
First of all I will tell you why I want to be an engineer. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed making things, learning about the world, and interacting with people. The very question I was asked that what you would become when you will grow older and the answer was always engineer. The job of an engineer is to take the problems which are facing the world today, to find solutions which have never been found before, to change the world as we know it today, and they must do this in the best possible and most efficient way. Engineering also requires a design process, and this is another reason for my interest in engineering. They must use their imagination and come up with designs and solutions which have never been thought of before. In this way, engineering is a creative outlet, allowing me to use the imagination, in a way that will hopefully one day change the world. As an engineer you work with a group of people from different backgrounds and different experiences, using the knowledge of each person to find the best possible solution. It is a job that involves a large amount of interaction with other people. I want to be an engineer because it is the career which I feel best suits me as a person and that it is the career that I feel I will enjoy most. The second job I would most like to do is to become a pilot. Being a pilot, a person can serve is country in every possible way and see the world never seen before. The view is stunning. It is the job of great courage. Becoming a pilot makes us smarter. We will gain knowledge that we never thought we would need to know and discover different exciting cultures. We will become a better planner and a logical decision-maker. And the last reason is very obvious that it is the job of great pay. The third job I would most like to do is to become an artist. The best thing...
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